What We Do: Reading and Editing

For new writers, or for writers who haven’t
published with us:

If you have your book “written, but not complete,” we can offer feedback:

  • What’s missing? Sometimes, you’re so close to your book that everything looks fine to you, but an unfamiliar reader can get lost.

  • What about your characters? Is there at least one that will engage the reader – as sympathetic or perhaps as such a hateful scoundrel that all the reader wants is to see his or her demise?

  • Does your ending wrap it up satisfactorily? If you are setting up a sequel, are you presenting enough closure in this work?

For experienced writers who haven’t tackled an e-book, or who don’t have the time, experience, software, or expertise to format, lay out, and typeset to today’s printers’ and publishers’ requirements:

When you have your book’s content complete, you may or may not desire an outside editor. We can edit – whether for copy, coherence, or just spelling, grammar, and punctuation (SGP).

MysteryOnePublishing.com offers

reading and feedback services, at the depth you need:

  • spelling, grammar, and punctuation (SGP) in American English

  • review of chapter breaks

  • character assessment

  • continuity

  • all the way through fact-checking in specialized areas: aviation, automotive, small arms; and location and city layouts (You can’t go to the intersection of 9th and 10th Streets in most cities!)

  • Research (scientific and historical/biographical) – This is specialized; let’s talk first.

    And here’s what we don’t do:

    Poetry.    Picture Books.    Porn.

    Poetry is a specialized genre, best handled by… a specialist in the genre.

    Picture Books (with rare exceptions for printed books with line drawings or low-resolution monochrome illustrations) require specialty printers. Picture books are often nightmarish to convert to e-books, as each reader has a different format. (And let’s not forget the multitude of formats on smartphones!)

    Pornography, abuse, and exploitation.
    Understanding that this category is subjective, we’ll rely on our own assessment. If your work is borderline, we may suggest – but not perform – edits.
    In general, if you know it’s porn, we’ll know it’s porn, and that’s not what we do.
    Naturally, we reserve the right to reject any content, for any reason.

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